How to Apply for certificate of good conduct in kenya

certificate of good conduct

How to Apply for certificate of good conduct in kenya A Good Conduct Certificate, also known as a Clearance Certificate, is a document that verifies an individual’s criminal record and is often required for employment, travel, and other purposes in Kenya. Eligibility Criteria To be eligible to apply for a Good Conduct Certificate, an individual … Read more

Best Top 10 URL shortener Platforms to use


What is a URL shortener? When link shortening, the thing you need most is reliability.  But what is URL shortener? Here are some interesting facts about them. URL shortener is a web tool that is used to shrink and convert your website links, usually into an easy-to-share format.  Generally, the short URLs redirect users to … Read more

Best Computer Package courses: Free Course Notes

computer package courses

Computer package courses and notes. Learn computer packages to acquire computer fundamental skills. First let us look at the basic concept of Computer packages. The computer packages are made up of all the components that you will need to operate your computer system.
Computer packages are very important for the computer users.

Top 7 Best Online Courses For Android app design and development

Best online courses for android development

Ok, if you want to learn Android app development online then you are at the right place. I have a curated list of some best online courses for developing android apps. This informative article discusses some of the best internet android program development courses that help users to learn more about how to make an … Read more