Terms and Conditions


These Website Terms and Conditions composed on this page shall manage your use of our website located at https://www.iteksearch.com/.

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Property Rights

You are granted a permit only for purposes of viewing and downloading the material found on Iteksearch website for personal use.


You are restricted from all of the following:

  1. Republishing any material from our website.
  2. Selling, sub-licensing, and additionally in any case commercializing the site material.
  3. Using this site in any capacity that is or might be harming to this site.
  4. Using this site in any capacity that impacts client admittance to this site.
  5. Using this site as opposed to pertinent laws and guidelines, or in any capacity may make hurt the Iteksearch website, or to any individual or business element.
  6. Using this site to criticize, pester, scare, taking part in negative nationality, and some other unlawful exercises.

Whole Agreement

These Terms comprise the whole arrangement between The Iteksearch.com and you according to your usage of Iteksearch website.