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“iteksearch.com” delivers a wide variety of high quality articles on Information Technology topics among other technical terms. We provide to our customers with comprehensive information on topics belonging to various categories like Computer packages, Software applications, Operating system, Internet, Hardware and software. We also publish trending technology news across the world.

We mainly focus on delivering content for educational purposes only. The main objective of this website is to spread free IT education content, free genuine PC software application, education guides, technology news, and more.

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The primary purpose for starting the project is to provide a learning platform which can allow users to access well-researched and point to point comparisons at one place. Our target viewers are have desire to advance their knowledge and could involve students, learners, teachers and IT professionals.


We are a qualified, skilled and committed team striving to always deliver excellent services to our clients, ambitious by objectivity, best practices, always acting with integrity and keeping our promises while treating our customers with respect.


We enhance results by working smarter together. We grow our contribution through partnerships and trust and respect.

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We are passionate on delivering IT education resources and technology news to live, work and play through advanced and creative solutions.