Top 10 Tips For Successful Online Learning.

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E-learning enables you to establish your study schedule, operate at your speed, and learn from the convenience of your favorite place. If you intend to discover to research online, you need to set limits, restrictions, as well as objectives on your own. Nobody will remind you if you do not satisfy your purposes for the … Read more

Classification of Computers: step by step

classification of computers

Computers are classified under the following categories: Physical size, by the way they process data, by purpose and by use. Classification Of Computers By Physical Size Super Computer They are large and consume a lot of power. They are used mostly in: (i)Scientific research and military applications. (ii) Petroleum engineering (iii)Nuclear physics  (iv)Meteorology. For more … Read more

Spreadsheet Step By Step Guide

What is Spreadsheet? A Spreadsheet is an electronic document application in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations. A good example is Microsoft Excel. Download Full Spreadsheet Notes. Types of Spreadsheets: There are 2 types of spreadsheets: Manual and Electronic spreadsheet. A … Read more

Top 8 Best Web Browsers To Use

A web browser is a software application that enables internet users to access and view web pages.Everyone using the internet to surf and do other kinds of stuff wants a fast web browser. Performance and security have become first priority of each user nowadays. If you are wondering what type of web browsers to select … Read more